Royal Selangor Star Wars Galactic Empire Cufflinks

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Celebrate the cult classic cinematic phenomenon, and this year's most highly anticipated film release, with this pair of expertly crafted pewter cufflinks. Emblazoned with the Star Wars logo and Galactic Empire emblem, wear with pride to accompany your very best shirt. The ideal collectable accessory for any Star Wars fanatic, this stunning example of pewter craftsmanship will stand the test of time to be enjoyed for many years to come. Pewter is almost maintenance free as it does not react with the air to oxidise or tarnish. It can attract dust and dirt, but all that is required is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. We also recommend you take note of the following: Never expose pewter to direct flame, or heated surfaces Do not scrub with a brush as pewter is a soft material Over time and with use, pewter develops a pleasing and subdued patina unique to the metal and part of the beauty of investing in this material.

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