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SophieNormanshire asked a while ago

I'm looking for a wetsuit for my six-month-old daughter but most are just in boyish blue or girly pink shades. Want something striking and unisex. Found several from the Two Bare Feet boarding company but can anyone recommend anywhere else?

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SplashAboutUK answered a while ago

This award-winning wetsuit will keep baby warm in cooler pools and reduce chilly changing room tantrums. Features Splash About's original Happy Nappy - UK's leading brand of Neoprene Swim Nappies - recommended and insisted upon by most UK Swim Schools. Gorgeous new designs, available at Splash About! More designs and variations available at #babywetsuits #babyswimming #babyswimwear #splashabout

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SplashAboutUK answered a while ago

Hi Sophie, Splash About have so many different designs of baby wetsuits to choose from! We have just launched some new ranges too, check it out here - x #splashabout #babysnug #babywetsuits #babyswimming #neoprene #warminwater #toddlerswimming #babyswimwear

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This baby wetsuit from Two Bare Feet is ideal for swiming lessons at the pool or playing on the beach and is a must if your baby gets chilly in or around water. The Ultimate Newborn Baby Wetsuit is available in newborn sizing and is made from soft, supple 2mm neoprene (the same as an adult's wetsuit) providing your child with the essential warmth and security that it needs while in the water. With flexible arms and legs, getting your little one in and out of the wetsuit is a dream, plus the seams are flat stitched with a strong front zipper to ensure the maximum amount of comfort for your baby or child. The Two Bare Feet Ultimate Newborn Baby Wetsuit is one of our most popular basic wetsuits, however please be sure to check the sizing guide as babies come in all shapes and sizes!!

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