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LindsayWharton asked a while ago

i'm looking for a good value swimming nappy for my 1 month old boy who is 9lb 3oz- any suggestions?

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Splashlogo'14 10

SplashAboutUK answered a while ago

Hi, Splash About invented the first ever Neoprene Swim Nappy over 10 years ago, and The Happy Nappy still remains the UKs number 1 swim nappy. Recommended and insisted upon but most UK swim schools, this reusable nappy is a must have for your little one's swim kit! Available in the biggest range of colours, sizes and brand new designs including Happy Nappy Board Shorts, Costumes and Wetsuits! After use, simply rinse, roll and reuse :) x

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JanTapling answered a while ago

these are brill. Only need 2 for a holiday, one for using one for in the wash

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Leila Founder

LeilaSharma answered a while ago

I swear by these. They survive all messes and sand. Size 2 will fit your little one (7-18lb). take 2 packs if 2 a day.

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Most swimming pools insist that babies do not swim naked for hygiene reasons. Normal suits offer no protection and ordinary nappies hold water, weighing the nappy down. Swim nappies offer a welcome alternative to ordinary suits and nappies in water

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