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Woman2 Founder
ImeldaBamfordCarter asked a while ago

Are these gimmicky or a good idea?!

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Alice 19

AliceMum answered a while ago

They have a cute range. Same people as sock ons. Handy for wooden floors and garden but nice to have's not essential

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20140419 181213 10

stephaniehigham answered a while ago

Why not give themy a try! If you have wood flooring you might find them ideal. Cheaper at toys r us.

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Putting subtle sparkle into girls' First Shoes, Little Harper feature the softest premium leather in shimmery gold while a bow trim adds an irresistibly cute touch. A padded topline, flexible, lightweight design and toe and heel protection add ultimate comfort for active little feet and a riptape strap fastens securely for the perfect fit. Choose from whole and half sizes and different widths.

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