Infasense Justafit ADJUSTABLE Sleepsuits

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CarolineDriver answered a while ago

Lets the little ones grow into their sleepsuits safely instead of growing out of them! Good quality Sleepsuits that have adjustable wrist and ankle straps reducing the risk of trips caused by 'flipper feet'!

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No two babies are the same. One size doesn’t fit all. Some 12 month old babies need an 18-24 month size, others a 9-12 month size. A Justafit velcro sleepsuit adjusts to fit, is hard wearing and lasts long. The adjustable ankle straps reduce the risk of trips and falls from sleepsuits being too long. The adjustable wrist straps prevent hands hiding in the sleeves giving full access to toys as well as preventing sleeves that are too long dipping into food. Justafit sleepsuits are comfortable as they keep hands and feet where they should be. Children are less frustrated.

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