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Man1 10
MichelleMckinlay asked a while ago

where can I get this as I #loveit

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies answered a while ago

This is the one me and a lot of my friends use. Really #easy to put on, #comfy and feels very #safe. love it.

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Alice 19

AliceMum commented a while ago

Couldn't leave the house without this. Even use it around the house as keeps them entertained seeing what you do! x
Lovelykid 10

JennieWright answered a while ago

Think this is the one. My sister loves how comfy it is. There's a padded bit that goes inside for her baby.

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This 2-way baby carrier is suitable from birth when facing inwards or suitable from 3 months when the baby is facing outwards. Padded shoulder straps and a lumbar support provide comfort for parents. Leg straps can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit as your baby grows.

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