Johnsons&Johnsons Johnson bedtime baby bath

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RoxanaMikiewicz answered a while ago

#good #sleep #baby #bath

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mariolamularczyk1 commented a while ago

this is great product i am using it for my boy bath , smells great and makes lots of bubbles
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Help baby sleep better* JOHNSON'S¨ BEDTIME¨ Bubble Bath & Wash combines NATURALCALMTM essences with lots of bubbles and our NO MORE TEARS¨ formula, extra gentle baby wash. Use it with JOHNSON'S¨ 3-step, nightly routine to help your baby sleep better. *Treat your baby to a warm bubble bath using JOHNSON'S¨ BEDTIME¨ Bubble Bath & Wash, then gently massage skin with JOHNSON'S¨ BEDTIME¨ lotion. End with quiet time to help your baby drift off to a better night's sleep

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