Pampers sensitive wipes

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amandadixon answered a while ago

also have larger packs

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Every little miracle deserves gentle care. ThatÕs why Pampers Sensitive Wipes are made with PampersÕ unique Soft Grip Texture, offering gentle cleaning for sensitive skin. Your babyÕs skin is delicate, and thatÕs why Pampers Sensitive Wipes have been dermatologically tested to be gentle. They are also 15% thicker (vs. Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes) and restore the natural pH levels of the skin to protect the sensitive skin of your baby. Pampers Sensitive Wipes are clinically proven mild and are perfume free. The pack also features a plastic lid, which is easy to open and helps to prevent the wipes from drying out. 1 pack = 1 life-saving vaccine against newborn tetanus Alongside UNICEF and parents like you, over the last ten years Pampers has helped eliminate newborn tetanus in 15 countries around the world. On our campaigns 10th birthday, our 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign continues to protect babies at risk of newborn tetanus around the world. For every special UNICEF pack you buy we will donate one life-saving vaccine. 1 pack = 1 vaccine

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