Pampers Sensitive nappies

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CharlotteWalker3 asked a while ago

Where would I get these nappies from? And would these be the best brand to use? Thanks x

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SusanSherlock answered a while ago

They are nice on the baby bottom

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Try NEW Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies, now accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. They combine both dryness and softness, with up to 50% extra skincare ingredients*, to protect your newborn's delicate skin. * compared to New Baby nappies Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies are made of super soft fabric to keep your newborn snug and comfortable and are clinically tested to be mild on newborn skin. Pampers unique Absorb-Away Layer protects delicate skin from wetness and mess. The Wetness Indicator, another great Pampers feature, turns blue when your baby pees, indicating a possible nappy change. Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies are great in combination with Pampers Sensitive Maximum Care wipes, to provide our best care and best ever gentle cleaning for newborns' delicate skin. Pampers New Baby Nappies (Newborn Size 1) are suitable from 2-5Kg / 4-11lbs, 23 nappies

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