Roger Hargreaves Mr Men book collection

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Leila Founder
LeilaSharma asked a while ago

anyone know where i can get this mr men collection for cheaper? it looks like a great set.

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Woman2 Founder

KristinaAddis answered a while ago

The Works online have the complete collection. or do something similar for £19.99

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Leila Founder

LeilaSharma commented a while ago

@Kristina. That's great it's gone down by £10 at the Works thanks so much :)
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All the much loved classic Mr Men titles are inside this bright and colourful box, from Mr. Tickle and Mr. Greedy, published in 1971, through to the new 'Mr. Nobody', published in March 2010. This book is a must have for all Mr. Men fans, a children’s classic with a character in the box set that will appeal to any individual.

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