Linea Cook 20cm saucepan

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Forming a part of the Linea Cook stainless steel pan range, this saucepan is a kitchen essential. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a diameter of 20cm, it offers high quality, reliable cookware at an affordable price. Features of the pan include an aluminium core to evenly distribute heat while avoiding hot spots and ergonomic silicone handles which are designed for comfort and safety and can be conveniently hung. It also has twin pouring lips and a glass straining lid which enables you to view food when cooking. Suitable for use in the oven up to 175°C as well as on all hob types including induction, this professional standard saucepan comes complete with a 25-year guarantee.A Guide to Induction CookwareInduction hobs are great for their quick results and energy efficiency but they will only work with pans made from or bonded with a magnetic metal like cast iron or steel. To get the most out of your induction pans follow these simple tips and tricks: Ensure pans are the same size or larger than the hobAlways use pans with a flat baseAlways lift pans on and off the hob (rather than sliding) to avoid damageAvoid constantly lifting the pan while cooking as this can cause the heat to turn offGive aluminium or copper pans with steel bases longer to heat up as the sides will not heat directly from the hobDo the magnet test if you`re unsure if one of your current pans is suitable for use on an induction stove; if a magnet sticks to the base of the pan it will work!Stainless steelWithout non stick coatingVented glass lidSuitable for all hob types, including inductionDishwasher safeNot microwave safeOven safe25 year guarantee Shop At House Of Fraser

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