VERTBAUDET Aegis® Hypoallergenic 4-seasons Duvet white

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Aegis® hypoallergenic duvet. This duvet provides an effective solution for all mums whose children suffer from allergies or who simply want to fight bacteria. It's hypoallergenic, harmless for children's skin and offer lasting protection against micro-organisms such as dust mites, mould and bacteria. Easy-care and remain effective even after 200 washes at 40°C. Can be machine washable up to 60°C. Can be tumble dried. Microfibre outer in 100% polyester with Aegis® treatment. 100% hollow fibre polyester filling diamond stitching braided edging. Supplied in a storage bag. Summer duvet (200g/m² or TOG 4) + mid-season duvet (300g/m² or TOG 6). In the winter the two duvets can be brought together for a combined density equating to 500g/m² or a TOG rating of 10.

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