tommee tippee Closer to nature 260ml bottles

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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Feeding Bottles Bottle-Feed Your Newborn With Ease. With The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Range, Bottle Feeding Couldn'T Be Easier, Making It The Perfect Bottle Feeding Solution For Your Newborn. The Unique Extra-Wide Teat On All The Closer To Nature Bottles Works Beautifully, Just Like Mum, Authentically Flexing And Stretching To Mimic The Natural Look And Feel Of Mum'S Breast. Primary Features Revolutionary Teat Designed In Conjunction With Breastfeeding Experts, The Revolutionary Closer To Nature Easi-Vent Teat Mimics The Natural Flex, Movement And Softness Of A Mum'S Breast, To Make Switching Between Breast And Bottle Easier Than Ever Before. The Unique Shape Encourages Your Baby'S Natural Feeding Action So That Switching Between Breast And Bottle Becomes Second Nature. Closer To Nature Easi-Vent Bpa-Free Feeding Bottles The Closer To Nature Easi-Vent Bottles Have Been Designed To Be Held In The Most Natural Positions During Feeding And Can Be Held In 3 Ways--Cradled Comfortably In The Hand, Gripped In The Same Way As A Traditional Wide Neck Bottle, Or Held From The Base--Making Feeding Comfortable For Everyone. Safe All The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles Are Bpa-Free For Total Reassurance. Why Choose Tommee Tippee? Tommee Tippee, From The Uk Based Mayborn Group Limited, Is The Number-One Brand Of Baby Feeding Accessories In The Uk And One Of The Top Brands Of Infant Products And Accessories In The Global Market. Loved By Parents And Children Alike, Tommee Tippee Has Received Numerous Brand Accolades In Great Britain, Including Top Ranks In The Prestigious Mother And Baby Awards, A Head-To-Head Assessment Of Competitive Products Voted By Mums Themselves.

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