Bike Helmet for boy

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TarikaMarshall asked a while ago

What is the safest & most supportive bike helmet for a 4 yr old boy. We left our last one in the park!

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SimonTimlett1 answered a while ago

Best if you measure his head first and go from there - more details in our blog.

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James 10

JamesStevens commented a while ago

simple vid. very handy.
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TarikaMarshall commented a while ago

@Simon thank you that's exactly the advice I need. Will get the measure tape out this afternoon and get back on your site!
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Get noticed down the skate park with this awesome 1D helmet! Decorated with an array of printed character graphics, the helmet features foam padding for extra comfort and a ventilated shell for a cool riding experience. The head straps are adjustable and the buckle has a quick-release function that makes it easy to take off.

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