Trunki Stair gate

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LucyMorris1 asked a while ago

I'm looming for something like this to across double French doors #babyonthemove

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MaryHartley answered a while ago

This is the one you want. It's the playpen that becomes a room divider and perfect for our french doors too.

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LucyMorris1 commented a while ago

Oh that's brill. Thanks so much :)
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The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Gate features a wider walk through and a new slim line easy to hold handle which continues to be the most superior and trusted safety gates on the market. Incorporation the Lindam 4 point U shaped pressure fit power frame for ultimate strength when in position, as well as triple opening action, double locking option. The gate is one or two way opening for maximum flexibility. Made from a strong steel construction. The gate is assembled and ready to use. Fits openings from 75cm to 82cm and extends up to 138cm with separate extensions.

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