ANAPULSE Fetal heart doppler

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CherieneLandman asked a while ago

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a fetal heart Doppler?

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LisaEdwards answered a while ago

I used this when I was pregnant. Worked perfectly and I could plug it into my laptop and record babys heartbeat! Fab :-)

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LaurenWright1 commented a while ago

I also have this, was bought second hand and works brilliantly. 2 headphone jacks or you can record onto your computer. You can also record your own heartbeat to play back to baby when born as it's supposed to help them sleep :)
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If you're looking for a totally safe way to hear your baby's heartbeat in the womb, from only 12 weeks, and in the comfort of your own home then this compact, easy to use, high performance device is the one for you. Running off 2 x AA batteries, which are included, meaning your doppler is ready to go, and weighing less than 180g with the batteries in, the Sonoline B displays the fetal heart rate (FHR) on a backlit digital LCD screen and also has a built in loudspeaker to listen to the heart rate. It couldn't be more easy and straightforward. The headphone/ recorder socket allows you to record your baby's heartbeat onto a suitable recording device to share with your family and keep for the future. The fetal doppler emits and receives totally safe small high frequency sounds waves (ultrasound) which reflect off the fetal heart. Based on the Doppler Effect principles the device uses the differences in frequency and wavelength between the emitted and received waves to calculate the fetal heart rate (FHR). For home use the device can give reassurance between check-ups and hospital visits but of course should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

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