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NickHampton asked a while ago

Looking for this and whether anyone else has one?

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stephaniehigham answered a while ago

Hope this is in your price range.

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The UnbornHeartª Fetal Doppler uses modern technology to monitor your unborn babyÕs heart rate in the comfort of your own home. UnbornHeartª is a portable Fetal Doppler which connects to your smartphone via a free downloadable Application (available fromApple iTunes and Google Play), you can monitor, record heartbeats, store and share recordings of your babyÕs heart rate and listen back to them, unlike less modern Dopplers, this is all available at a touch of a button. The UnbornHeartª Doppler can be used from 12 weeks and right up until your due date. You are able to keep track of your babyÕs heart rate and store on a visual graph which is broken down into weekly measurements. The Fetal Doppler also comes with a tube of ultrasound gel for convenience, it is easily cleaned with a cloth. It is also lightweight adding to its simplicity and conforms to the EU Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC).

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