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KatHutten asked a while ago

Anyone recommend a pretty/ trendy rucksack for a little girl to take to school. Not too pink but more girlie than this.

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linzirees answered a while ago

amazon got a huge range prices vary and free delivery. hope this helps :)

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KatHutten commented a while ago

@linzi perfect thanks this is just the right side of girlie :) x
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OliviaTaylor answered a while ago

Not sure if this is what you're looking for. The girly ones they have is this one and a ladybug one.

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KatHutten commented a while ago

@olivia. thank you for your help. This is really cute.
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Suitable for toddlers from 1-4 years Fun and colourful animal character Parent strap attaches to bottom of backpack for better stability Remove strap for mini backpack Zip closure Mesh side pocket for juice or drink bottle Write on name tag inside Dimensions: L23xW8.25xH19cm

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