Clarks Softly Dotty toddler shoes

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Shopoholic 18
RubyMarke asked a while ago

Want to get my little one some pretty shoes that still give her feet support. Is Clarks only safe style or any others?

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Ri 10

RichPearce answered a while ago

Start-rite is a good set to start with. Well made with good support. We got our daughter these that she really likes.

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Shopoholic 18

RubyMarke commented a while ago

Thanks these are really pretty and she'll love them!
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A fun girls' First Shoes style with neon polka dot detailing and a cute oversized bow. Designed in supersoft anthracite leather the fashion-forward look is versatile and lightweight, and features leather linings and a padded collar for extra comfort. The riptape strap allows for easy on off and adjustability while the rubber sole adds essential grip. Available in whole and half sizes and different widths.

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