Fairy Princess Fairy princess fru fru pettiskirt dress

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StephanieJarrett asked a while ago

I realy want to get this for my daughters 3rd birthday but as it for jest one day wanted to find it for a bit less.

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Hayleyaveris answered a while ago

cheap as you will get it

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies answered a while ago

such a cute dress! found it on Amazon for cheaper for you :)

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies commented a while ago

thanks for the Cahootsy! glad it helped! x
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Stunning girls party dress ! White cotton top, with a full maximum effect ra ra style frill skirt.Your little girl would love this as a dressing up outfit, party dress or simply to wear with friends. New stock arrived these are so popular and listed available elsewhere so once they are gone they are gone !

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