M & S gruffalo onesie

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Woman2 Founder
LizzieDavidson asked a while ago

Looking for a gruffalo onesie/costume for three year old.

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OlgaSolonenko answered a while ago

Lovely Gruffalo Child dress up costume in excellent condition. Only worn once. #Gruffalo #costume

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Woman2 10

KellyBenns answered a while ago

Try Sainsburys

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With a fun Grufallo design, these onesie are made from supersoft and comfy fleece fabric, combining beautiful cosiness with great style. Perfect for after bathtime, lounging around or for a cosy nightÕs sleep, they can also be tumble dried for added convenience. StayNEWª technology reduces bobbling and colour loss, keeping your clothes looking newer and brighter for longer.

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