Freemie breast pump

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LeeFanLam asked a while ago

Is looking for a convenient breast pump! Pls help!

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The Freemie Breast Pump Collection Cups are designed to be used in place of your compatible pump's traditional horns and bottles, and are supported by your regular or nursing bra underneath ordinary clothing for a hands free pumping experience. Since you don't have to be undressed, you can pump in more places and at more convenient times for you than ever before. The cups can be used for single or double pumping, so you can easily pump one breast while nursing your baby on the other. The Freemie collection cups are connected to your pump's tubing with a connection kit specifically designed to connect to your pump. The cups listed for sale here include the connection kits for Medela's Pump in Style, Symphony, and Lactina pumps only. No other parts are required to connect the cups in this kit to these pumps. Different pump connection kits are needed to connect these cups to other compatible pumps and are available from the manufacturer. Freemie Funnels come in three different diameters; 25mm, 28mm and 32mm. Freemie cups are not recommended if you require a different funnel size, or if you require an extra deep funnel. You are strongly encouraged to read and follow all instructions in the user manual, for the best possible experience and utilization of your Freemie cups. Medela, Lactina, Symphony, Pump in Style and Pump in Style Advanced are trademarks of Medela AG Corporation Switzerland. Medela does not endorse and is not affiliated with the Freemie breast milk collection system or Dao Health.

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