MemoryPedic Memorypedic Memory Flex Mattress with Pillows

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The Memorypedic Memory Flex Mattress with Pillows incorporates the best of foam technology for a relaxing and comfortable rest. The mattress features a unique 2cm upper layer of high density visco-elastic polymer gel (or memory foam) which offers the best possible support and spine alignment by perfectly moulding to your body shape during the night.Memory foam was originally developed by NASA but it has become a customer favourite due to the exceptional support it provides for the whole body. It also promotes good blood circulation and is anti dustmite to alleviate any worries for allergy sufferers.In addition to the layer of memory foam, the 16cm high density foam centre provides a firm sleeping surface for a relaxing and blissful night, free from fidgeting. The high density foam will give you exceptional, supportive cushioning that you'll appreciate for years to come.***This mattress now comes with free memory foam pillows (one pillow for Single, two pillows for Double, Kingsize or Superking) to give you sublime head support which will help you relax and drift off.***

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