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Alice 19
AliceMum asked a while ago

There are so many baby carriers it's really confusing me! Can anyone recommend the best.

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MarissaColtman answered a while ago

We thought the BabyBjorn Miracle was fab! Hope our review helps :)

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Image Founder

CharlotteHurlock answered a while ago

We Got this baby for our son and it was brilliant he loved it, was comfortable and lightweight and easy to get on! Brill

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies answered a while ago

I've tried a few and got very tangled! This is definitely the easiest to use and comfiest. Friends swear by it too.

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BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier is a safe and comfortable baby carrier for those who want to carry their children up to the age of two. Thanks to the adjustable waist belt, most of the weight is distributed onto the hips, making carrying possible for longer periods of time without putting too much strain on your back. To further enhance comfort, your child can be carried using two different leg positions, and you can also carry your child facing inwards or outwards.

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