Bugaboo Bugabo pram

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CadieLavin asked a while ago

Anyone no where sells this pram

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ClaireGardiner answered a while ago

You could buy the red sun canopies if you prefer them. This is £780, with £30 P&P, plus comes with amazing extras!

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TracyPaterson answered a while ago

I think this is the one.

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Buy From: Cadie

The 3rd generation of the iconic all-in-one stroller is even more versatile, stylish and functional than ever before. Light and compact, it's also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon³ can seamlessly adapt to your journey - whethers that's through the city, woods, sand or snow. The original and best just got even better.

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