Bugaboo donkey

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CharlotteHurlock asked a while ago

Best one? Looking for a double for a newborn and one year old that's not too heavy but stylish

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ZandraEdwards answered a while ago

I use the donkey with my 2yr old and newborn I love it! If my 2yr old wants to walk it stay at home it turns to a single

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MichelleHughes1 answered a while ago

Phil and teds pram wouldn't be a fan of. Bugaboo both babies at same level whereas baby at back underneath in other

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Woman2 Founder

KerryLethbridge answered a while ago

Excellent buggy... I have one for my twins and love it because they chatter away as they face each other. Very lightweight and great for maneuvering

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JessicaRedding commented a while ago

Would love 2 havd this iv got a 1yr old n a 5months both girls xx
Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Hands down the best buggy we have for our two. Newborn & goes upto 5. Folds brilliantly. Lovely accessories too!

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Personalise your Bugaboo Donkey with a sun canopy styled in your favourite colour. With a vibrant choice of tones, there's something to suit everyone and it now comes with an extendable hood, meaning your baby can feel even safer in the sun. Please note: The Bugaboo Donkey Sun Canopy is required if you are purchasing a Bugaboo Donkey Duo or converting a Donkey Mono into a Duo. To purchase a Bugaboo Donkey Duo, you will need: one base, 1 tailored fabric set, 1 duo extension set and 1 sun canopy. To convert a Bugaboo Mono into A Bugaboo Duo you will need: 1 duo extension set and 1 sun canopy.

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