Britax Car Seat

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NishaPrithi asked a while ago

This ToysRus one looks great but a bit pricey. Is there a discounted version?

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SashaWood answered a while ago

Found this cheaper but it's only got 10 available. Such a great find for my son!

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OlgaSolonenko answered a while ago

@Nisha This price is better :) #travel

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The FIRST CLASS plus is a safe and comfortable car seat for babies weighing up to 18kg. ItÕs equipped with side impact protection, pitch control to reduce forward movement in accidents, and has a cosy, newborn insert with built-in head support for babies. When you're looking for a child safety product, you're looking for something that can take care of your child as well as you do. That's at the very core of BRITAX. We make products which you can trust and which you can be proud of because only the best is good enough for your child. With roots in safety going back to the 1930's, BRITAX brings unparalleled experience in what is needed to take your child safely on the roads. Box Contains 1 x First Class Plus 1 x Newborn Insert 1 x User Guide

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