Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot

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AllieDonaghue asked a while ago

We need to get a travel cot -- is this the best? It's definitely a little expensive - cheaper option?

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chelsieowens answered a while ago


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MarissaColtman answered a while ago

We reviewed this on our blog and it's still going strong 2 kids (and 3 years) later. Hope our review helps :)

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DebbieDavies answered a while ago

Fantastic travel cot with own travel bag. We ended up getting one for nanny's house too. Tesco has the cheapest price.

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After a busy day away from home, you'll appreciate a simple and easy-to-use travel cot. The chic Nuna Sena Mini easily pops open, thanks to its clever zig-zag leg design. And then in the morning you can refold it with just one hand. What's more, the revolutionary design is also evolutionary: growing beyond newborn through toddlerhood, as it doubles as a play space. Additional features include: skid-proof feet for quietness, padded edges to prevent pinched fingers, a lush mattress pad over a cushioned bed, sturdy aluminium frame for easy transport. Suitable from birth to approximately 18 months.

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