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vaRadvnyi asked a while ago

I have a 2,5 year-old boy, and a 16 weeks bump. Which is better, this one, or an ordinary buggy with a step-up board?

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KellyEnnis answered a while ago

stays on the side of a normal single stroller but you can open it for an instand double buggy :)

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TaraSherjan answered a while ago

Hi Eva, my daughter was 2.5 when I had my 2nd. To save buying a double buggy I got this. She is now 4 & we still use it!

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Chinarobinson commented a while ago

I would defo say go with the double, its the safest way
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In true Phil & Teds form the dot™ adapts from 1 kid to 2 as your family grows. This package includes a Phil and Teds dot™ Stroller, a Double Kit, and Double Raincover.

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