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LauraRudge asked a while ago

Where can I find a cheap side by side stroller double pram

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JemmaSavory answered a while ago

#abczoom #tesco

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The X-Cite is a modern stroller perfectly suited to active parents that want to be where things are happening. The scratch resistant anodized frame is easy to clean and gives a chic modern look, while the leather handle and bumper bar give a high quality, luxurious finish. The large shopping basket with its 2 seperate compartments means practicality is not compromised. The X-Cite also provides a high lying position to a new born baby, allowing for better interaction between parent and child from the very beginning. Weighing only 10.2kgs the X-Cite folds effortlessly to an extremely compact size, even with the seat unit on. This makes getting it in and out of cars or using public transport an effortless activity

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