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RachelTribe asked a while ago

Need one of these in my life!

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sarahhorlock answered a while ago

great pushchair! compatible with maxi cosi car seats

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Alice 19

AliceMum answered a while ago

Yummy this includes Stroller, Cabriofix Car Seat, Sun Canopy, Shopping Basket, Raincover & Parasol

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donnamatczak commented a while ago

kiddi care has it on sale at the moment
Leila Founder

LeilaSharma commented a while ago

@donna thanks that's really handy to know!
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LESLEYNewton commented a while ago

Looks great, but I've . Also Witt n Looks great but don't they are safe, as I've seen A baby fall out and had nasty bang to head, walking over a supermarket a 'car park t h e 3wheeled pushchair fell over due to un even ground
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