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Leila Founder
LeilaSharma asked a while ago

Heard a balance bike really helps before my 2 year old is ready for a bike. What's the best one to get?

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Small baby 10

NishaPrithi answered a while ago

We've got this and my son loves it. The flat bit is also pretty handy for going down bumps/slopes. Loads of colours too.

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Small 10

AllieDonaghue commented a while ago

Our two loved the Puky before they got their big bikes. Really helped them with balance and leg strength too. Found this youtube vid that might help. so cute x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le4vGJ4U7AM
Helen photo Founder

HelenBallard commented a while ago

Our son loves his Puky. He was zooming around before he was 2 as it is very size adjustable.
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Give your little one an exciting adventure into the world of cycling with the Apollo Wooden Balance Bike Pink! This sturdy balance bike makes a great alternative to stabilisers, as they teach little tykes to balance, lean, and steer. It has grippy tyres, a comfy, height adjustable saddle, soft feel grips, and a handy carry handle so you can pick it up and take it with you for even more adventures. Strong and lightweight construction Easy pick up carry handle Saddle height min: 36cm; max: 41cm

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