Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bucky

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Woman2 Founder
LizzieDavidson asked a while ago

Looking for this cheaper for little boys Xmas pressie

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Image Founder

SuziRaymond answered a while ago

This is cheaper, a bit different, but wooden toys do make nice gifts. Good luck and hope you find it!

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Annie Founder

FeeHyde commented a while ago

gorgeous. love it!
Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Hi Lizzie. Just got this for my son from Argos. They've reduced it by 20%. All the best.

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Image Founder

SuziRaymond commented a while ago

Good old Argos!
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Musical ship plays pirate song, plus 25 action phrases.Real working cannon-shoot water ball projectiles.Includes Jake and Scully figures.Look out for Hook from the Crow's Nest lookout point.Ages 3 years and over

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