Fisher-Price Baby Activity Mat / Play Gym

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Woman2 Founder
ImeldaBamfordCarter asked a while ago

I love this playmat but we have wooden floors & the mat isn't padded enough. Can anyone recommend a similar thicker one?

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Annie Founder

FeeHyde answered a while ago

these worked a treat under our playmat so means you can still get the style you love!

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Image Founder

JenniferMckay commented a while ago

I was gonna say the same !
Woman2 Founder

ImeldaBamfordCarter commented a while ago

Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will invest in an alphabet mat!
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Bring the rainforest to life with music, lights and nature sounds that respond to babyÕs movement. Linkable toys, busy activities and a soft mat make lay and play and tummy time so much fun! Key Features: Two modes of play - lay and play or tummy time Responds to babyÕs movement with music, sounds and colourful, dancing lights Plays up to 20 minutes of lively music or rainforest sounds 10 activities and linkable toys for lay and play or tummy time Satiny butterflies spin at babyÕs touch, activating lights, music or sounds Link toys to mat or giraffe and encourage baby to push up on tummy Soft monkey, mirror, soft jingly toucan, roller ball elephant with soft ears, crinkly peek-a-boo link, butterfly mini-mobile and more Volume control for quiet play Helps develop sensory skills Introduces cause and effect Requires three AA batteries Suitable from birth Rainforest Friends Everywhere Baby Looks! The magical world of the rainforest comes to life with music, lights, nature sounds, and lots of activities and textures to stimulate your growing baby. The comfy floor quilt has a soft, silky border and colourful arches supported by a friendly giraffe. A variety of links let you attach toys up above or down below. Rainforest friends are everywhere--a soft monkey, jingly toucan, elephant and parrot with spinning paddle and more. Movable and stationary toys encourage exploration on the overhead gym or for tummy-time play. Baby can also enjoy a spinner with rattling beads, spinning butterflies, a shiny mirror and a crinkly leaf for peek-a-boo fun. Lively rainforest sounds and music play for up to 20 minutes. Includes volume control for quiet play. Develop and Grow As babies play, theyÕre developing in so many ways! Dancing lights and bright colours enhance visual skills; playful fun tunes, sounds and textures stimulate babyÕs senses of hearing and touch. As baby explores on the comfy mat, linking toys and mirror encourage tummy-time play, building upper body strength and self-discovery. Rewarding lights and music help baby understand cause and effect while busy activities like a spinner parrot paddle and rattle elephant strengthen fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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