Fisher Price Jumperoo

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KirstyCunningham asked a while ago

Which is the best jumperoo on the market?

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LisaEdwards answered a while ago

Similar to a jumperoo. Personally I recommend the jumperoo. Ebay is good for 2nd hand ones at a fraction of the cost

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AllieDonaghue answered a while ago

this has seen both my babies through. Keeps them entertained for ages so you get a rest & really stable. Discounted!

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AliceMum commented a while ago

agree with Allie. great jumperoo and means you get a minute to clear up! x
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donnamatczak commented a while ago

keeps baby entertained and you know babes safe if u to pop into another room or have cleanng to do very sturdy
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stephaniehigham commented a while ago

Excellent product. Would highly recommend. My little girl loves to bounce for ages.
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GabrielleCarter commented a while ago

100% although if you are on facebook and follow the 'for sale' sites you could probably get a really good one for a fraction of the price x
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ZiyonaLimbWard commented a while ago

I need to get one of these again!
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The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a great alternative to doorway bouncers for your child's development, and a height-adjustable seat means that it will grow with baby.

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