Janod Wooden Space Rocket

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Woman2 Founder
MarylineTerzian asked a while ago

Has anyone bought this for their kids? Is it a good toy?

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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Mummy blogger My Two Mums has done a nice review of this that could help. Love the design.

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Janod Magnetic Kit wooden rocket with spinning propeller. Features five sections connected by magnets and branding in white on one of the fins. Approximately 14cm x 13cm x 13cm. Suitable for babies aged 18 months and up.Any little spaceman will be over the moon to be given this vibrant Janod wooden rocket. Beyond the gorgeous colours and chunky, tactile design, any budding scientist will be fascinated by the powerful magnets that hold this brilliant toy together. If you like this, try the Kid O grass green tip truck or Skipper blue star estuary yacht.

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