Large stuffed monkey

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Sarah's birthday party (2) Founder
MelisaThomas asked a while ago

I'm looking for a large stuffed monkey like the one I used to have as a child

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Woman2 10

rebeccahancock2 answered a while ago

its a large monkey and looks the same as in your pictyre

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Screen shot 2013 12 15 at 11.32.50 Founder

LarissaMaris answered a while ago

Not trying to replace the original. But this one is pretty #cute and #cuddly

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Image Founder

SuziRaymond answered a while ago

Aaah, looks like a very special monkey. Here's a vintage one that looks like it might help the nostalgia...?

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Buy From: Melisa

This super sized extra large monkey soft toy is the perfect gift idea for a baby, child or adult and is sure to put a big smile on their face when they see their very own personalised cuddly monkey. He measures over 50cm tall and comes with a personalised t-shirt which is printed with a message and photo of your choice.

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