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Woman2 Founder
LizzieDavidson asked a while ago

Looking to get toddler a scooter, recommendations please!!!

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Helen photo Founder

HelenBallard answered a while ago

My daughters has had 3 years of hard use and still going strong (my son's tesco equivalent was hopeless)

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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch commented a while ago

perfect choice for our kids too! Have been through several others without any luck.
Annie Founder

FeeHyde answered a while ago

Excellent scooter. Served both my kids well. Came across an excellent review from a mummy blogger called Mummy Never Sleeps that should help.

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Guillemot3 Founder

DavidThomas answered a while ago

This one's a bit cheaper

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Swiss designed and engineered with superior build quality the Mini Micro is the best scooter for children aged 3-5 years. The scooter is lightweight allowing children to use it with ease. Extra soft, super strong handle grips make the scooter a pleasure to ride. With superior engineering comes a more comfortable ride - the scooter is smooth, durable and glides along the pavement.

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