LITTLE BABAS Child's Lion Costume

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Sarah's birthday party (2) Founder
MelisaThomas asked a while ago

I'd like to find an alternative lion costume for a child aged four

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OlgaSolonenko answered a while ago


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Guillemot3 Founder

DavidThomas answered a while ago


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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Hope this helps. It's a bit different but suits a 4-6 yr old.

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Buy From: Melisa

High quality fully lined Lion fancy dress costume. Your little baba will be King of the Savannah in this fantastic new improved duluxe Lion costume. Costume includes a fully satin lined velour bodysuit, complete with attached little lion tail, slip-on booties with skid-resistant bottoms and a character headpiece with little lion ears and a beautiful plush mane. This adorable fancy dress costume is perfect for so many occasions, such as fancy dress parties, World book days, Birthdays, or just creating cherished picture moments of your little one. Available in 5 sizes: 6-18 months 2-3 Years 4-5 Years 6-7 Years made from: Material: 100% Polyester

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