Playmobil Red Indian playset

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Guillemot3 Founder
DavidThomas asked a while ago

I love playmobil but it's pricey #playmobilforless #playmobil #redindian

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Woman2 Founder

LizzieDavidson answered a while ago

Even less via amazon

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Annie Founder

FeeHyde answered a while ago

Spotted a great deal on Pixmania for Playmobil with free delivery. Enjoy!

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The Playmobil Native American Camp has a teepee where the chief lives. Americans, and their horse painted in their tribal colours.The set comes with two brave native American warriors,Includes a warrior in a canoe features a colourful totem pole.The set includes 3 Playmobil native Americans, and their horse painted in their tribal colour

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