Playskool elefun ball popper

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LauraAcraman asked a while ago

For my baby girls birthday

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AlanaCampbell answered a while ago


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SashaWood answered a while ago

Hi. Found this one just discounted from £34.99 in Smythys. Lovely toy!

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Get silly with poppin’, droppin’ colored balls and a fun elephant pal! Once the balls pop out of the elephant’s trunk, it’s anybody’s guess which way they’ll roll – into the belly for put-and-take play, across the room for baby to crawl after, or back through the trunk for more poppin’ surprises. With 10 fun tunes to play and this elephant’s trunk controlling the poppin’ direction, the play is exciting, engaging and, most of all, fun! Includes elephant, stability base, ear attachment, 5 balls and instructions.

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