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KatHutten asked a while ago

looking for a #safe, #sealed trampoline for kids that can go in the #garden. Anyone got a good one they can recommend?

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NinthiyaRameshwara answered a while ago

#outdoor #safe #cheap

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The all new Bounce-N-Learn 7 ft Skywalker Kids Trampoline is specially designed to encourage active play interaction between children and parents. With every bounce on the Bounce-N-Learn trampoline, your child is rewarded with an animal sound (dog, cat, bird). Challenge your child with animal games that develop skills such as sequencing and concentration, or give them the freedom to make up their own game. As an added bonus, this interactive trampoline even includes game ideas for you and your little one. The fun Hex shape of the Bounce-N-Learn trampoline provides more than 6 feet of jumping surface and the special No-Gap enclosure net keeps your child safe. Your little one will love being outside and learning with this unique Bounce-N-Learn 7 ft Skywalker Kids Trampoline.

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