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A Sleepy is a wearable sleeping bag. The Original Kids Sleepy from SLPY is the first wearable sleeping bag that incorporates zips for your arms, a full length two way zip to make it easy to get in and out of and a Zipcinch system enabling the user to unzip the bottom of the bag, cinch it up to the waist and wear it like a long coat. With a Sleepy from SLPY you can Sleep, Wear and Explore. The Sleepy is perfect for family camping, sleep overs, garden adventures or just watching TV, playing on the X-box and keeping warm! In fact everyday the kids find another potential use for a Sleepy! The Original Sleepy uses YKK Zips, Thermolite Extreme filling and a soft touch pongee outer. It has two zip chest pockets to keep any valuables safe and two hand warming slouch waist pockets. The Sleepy is a 3 season sleeping bag and has an extreme limit of a -15 degrees. The Sleepy comes into its own when nature calls in the night and when waking up in the morning and not wanted to leave to warmth of your bag!

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