Tildo Tidlo Activity Walker

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Woman0 Founder
StephHeard asked a while ago

My boys are growing quickly; is this activity worth it/going to be used for long enough to justify the money?

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Kate 2010 Founder

KateThomas answered a while ago

You can get 20% off right now at Argos! I love this and honestly they don't grow out of it quickly.

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Annie Founder

FeeHyde answered a while ago

Hi. If you like wooden stuff then I got this for my kids and is great if more than one as enough sides to avoids fights :) Looks like Mothercare has a 20% off discount till tomorrow.

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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

This is hands down the best activity walker we've ever bought & a lot of friends too. It's got music, lights, buttons to press (my boys love noise) - all educational - also detaches when they're sitting down. A lot cheaper too and lasts a long time :)

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Features nature scene graphics.Helps build confidence with walking.A storage tray at the back for transporting your little possessions.Includes spinning cage rattle, spinning mirror and a mini abacus.Lots of ways to help stimulate your child

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