Vaude Jolly Comfort II Baby Carrier

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MaryHartley asked a while ago

Need to invest in a good baby carrier/hiking rucksack for our trip to Wales. Any recommendations?

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OlgaSolonenko answered a while ago

Look at this one

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Baby1 20

MaryHartley commented a while ago

@olga thank you will check this out
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The VAUDE Jolly Comfort Child Carrier keeps your child safe, secure and comfortable when walking, hiking, trekking, backpacking or having simply any kind of outdoors adventure! This versatile, lightweight beast of burden is even great for the less adventurous activities such as family shopping trips, family walks etc. In addition to being a top child carrier for outdoor activities, this high quality, lightweight child carrier is equally fantastic for general use, i.e. shopping, leisurely days out. Vaude has been a market leader for many years when it comes to child carriers, so you can be confident that your child will be safe, sound and very comfortable in this hugely popular, best selling child carrier. This comfortable beast of burden is one of VAUDE's top best-selling child carriers.

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