Baa baa baby Euan the dream sheep

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SophieNormanshire asked a while ago

We need to coax our five-week-old daughter to sleep. Does this sheep do the job?

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JoNeilson answered a while ago

Thoroughly recommend this. Helps get my boy down for naps as well as bedtime. Saved up Advantage card points to get mine free!

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Man2 10

Fleurtarpey answered a while ago

This has been a God send for us, my daughter loves it & I need it, best baby buy EVER x

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Man0 Founder

GaryOKey answered a while ago

My cousin swears by this for getting his six month old daughter to sleep (though they used it since birth).

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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Here's a review that will help but generally recommended not to place it in your baby's cot till they're 1 yr old. Good luck with the sleep!

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