Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance bouncing seat

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder
DebbieDavies asked a while ago

Need something to hold my baby safely after feeds. This looks well recommended but pricey. Do you know any better ones?

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Woman2 Founder

LizzieDavidson answered a while ago

I used a cheap bouncer similar to this one with my little one and it was great.

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies commented a while ago

thanks, this looks just the ticket.
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BABYBJ…RN Babysitter Balance keeps your baby happy and safe, while your hands are free for everyday tasks. There's no need for batteries as your baby's own movements make this bouncer rock. The bouncer easily adjusts to different positions so your baby can play, rest and sleep. It's lightweight and folds flat for storage or travelling. The fabric is easily removed and is machine washable. Suitable from newborn up to approximately 2 years.

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