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LucyWilson asked a while ago

Getting mine out the shed after several years, black in the pores...anyone know how to clean these? Tried Detol.

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Lovelykid 10

JennieWright answered a while ago

Hi, try a bumbo cover to hide the stains. If mould then should leave in sun to dry out completely. When we get sun!

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What is Bumbo? With its contoured seat design, the Bumbo Floor Seat is uniquely designed as a seat that allows babies to sit independently in an upright sitting position. Suitable from as young as 4 months up to approximately 14 months, depending on the individual development of the child, the versatile seat is the extra set of hands you have been looking for, allowing parents to play with, read to, and feed their baby comfortably on the floor. Bumbo is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which is comfortable for babies and easy to clean for parents. The seat is also portable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for use in any room in the house. It also includes a three-point harness to help keep babies positioned in their seat, providing added protection and peace of mind. Engage with your baby Baby in Floor Seat with Play Tray Accessories are also available. view larger The Bumbo Floor Seat allows parents to engage with their baby during key developmental milestones. Once a baby is able to support his or her own head, but is not sitting upright on their own, the Floor Seat enables babies to maintain a sitting position on the floor. This is great for parents who want maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with their child, and allows the baby to see their surroundings from a new perspective and engage with the family. The seat can be used after babies are sitting upright on their own, but will be outgrown at different stages. There are also accessories available for the Floor Seat, including the Play Tray and the Seat Cover. The Play Tray is useful for playtime and feeding time. The Seat Cover adds even more flair to your Floor Seat, and with different patterns, parents can chose one that reflects their own personality.

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