Fisher Price Rainforest Mobile

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Woman2 Founder
ImeldaBamfordCarter asked a while ago

Would you recommend this mobile? Ideally would like one with lights...any other recommendations very welcome!

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Picture?height=120 Founder

MicheleGreen answered a while ago

Worth the money...good quality converts to musical box with nightlight. Plays classical music and rainforest sounds!

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Woman2 Founder

LizzieDavidson answered a while ago

My little boy had one of these and loved it, had on his cot until he moved into a bed at 2 and a bit. Cheaper ones available in eBay too

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Rosie Founder

RosieLynch answered a while ago

Great reviews and even has a sound sensor for when baby awakes and needs soothing!

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Three soothing settings: music, motion, and lights; music and motion; and music with nightlight.Leaves wave gently up and down while a smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to music.Features three detachable rainforest characters which spin as the mobile rotates around.Choose between three classical music compositions or rainforest sounds for baby.Converts to a music box with soft, glowing nightlight

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