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KirstyCunningham asked a while ago

Looking for the best price for summer grobags aged 6-12 months

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stephaniehigham answered a while ago

These are long sleeved for those cold nights. Just a slight alternative to grow bags.

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LisaEdwards answered a while ago

Or if you want an unbranded sleeping bag most supermarkets do them for around the £10 mark

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Leila Founder

LeilaSharma answered a while ago

Found this one for you at Tesco's. About your price range. Also has free click +collect.

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Little girls will wake up bright and cheerful after a night under the stars in this fresh and upbeat design. This Grobag has a clever travel opening which allows a 5 point travel harness from a car seat or pushchair to pass through enabling you to swap your baby from buggy or car seat to cot without waking them!

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